Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stroller seat, hat, & nightgown

I've had a few little projects lately.

Our oldest daughter got a bag of clothes from a neighbor, and it included a nightgown, so naturally our next daughter also wanted a "new" nightgown. Lucky for me, I had a shirt that was a hair too small lying around, so I cut it down for a nightgown for her.  It turned out great.  Even better, the shirt was only $2.50 in the first place!  I just took one of her t-shirts and copied it's shape onto my shape and cut it down and sewed it back together.  Funny thing was, my shirt was only about 2" wider than hers!  Yeah, that could explain why it's a little tight on me!

The seat for this stroller has needed a makeover for some time now.  I had this leftover fabric that worked great!  Again, I just copied the basic shape of the original for my pattern and re-used the straps.

This hat isn't perfect, but this girl will be 4 soon.  She wants a "beat bug" party.  If you don't know what beat bugs are, they're little critters that help kids learn the beat of music in Kinder Bach.  For some reason, she really, really likes the beat bugs.  I wasn't sure how we'd have a beat bug party, but thought I could at least make army hats for her and her friends so they could look sort of like the beat bugs.  I found this pattern/tutorial online from Sisters of the Wild West.  OK, so it looks a little weird in the picture.