Thursday, November 3, 2016

Parrot Costume

I decided to be a pirate for Halloween this year. I had everything I needed except for boots, so I decided to make some shoe covers that looked like boots with some fake felt I had. I tried and tried shapes mainly for the Sonja costume, but still needed to know how to do them for myself. I found a couple tutorials that helped:

For my little parrot I just made some wings to pin to a red fleece thing I made her (ok, I probably made it for her brother 12 years ago?), then made a little hat. I really liked this pattern, but made the hat too small, so she really ended up looking like a squid. I didn't bother putting a beak on the hat when I realized it was too small.

Sonja the Hedgehog

Did you even know there's a Sonja the Hedgehog? Yep. It's Sonic's sister. I think she turned out pretty cute, pink hair and all.

Colonial Day

In the middle of Halloween madness, it was Colonial Day for the 5th grade. I was crazy and decided to make a dress a week before. I was able to borrow a pattern and the dress turned out great. A little big, but super cute. I should have made the 10 rather than the 12 so it would fit my smaller daughters in the future in 5th grade.