Sunday, March 3, 2013

Build Your Own Quilt Frame

My dad also has plans for building your own quilting frames.  Here they are, too!

Build Your Own Food Storage Shelves

Many years ago, my dad designed and built several food storage shelves out of wood for small canned goods (soups, fruits, veggies, tuna, etc.).  I just realized he has the plans online.  If you're in the market for food storage shelves and want to try and make them yourself, they are very sturdy!  In the picture, mine are stacked 3 1/2 high (I have a 1/2 shelf in there, too!).

Friday, March 1, 2013

Which Batteries Are Best?

Our son researched which batteries gave you the best bang for your buck for his science fair project. A few of you wanted to see the results. Here they are!

I purchased different kinds of batteries and connected them to a motor and timed how long they lasted.

Some of the least expensive batteries had the best value.

My Hypothesis was that the battery that cost the most would go the longest because companies make us think that if we pay more we will have a better product.

1. Buy batteries at the dollar store.
2. Buy batteries in large packs.
3. Buy batteries on sale.

Best value per hour
1. Sunbeam Alkaline (Dollar Tree)
2. Kirkland Signature (Costco)
3. Sunbeam Super Heavy Duty (Dollar Tree)
4. Panasonic Carbon Zinc
(Dollar Tree)
5. Panasonic Alkaline Plus
(Dollar Tree)
6. Duracell Coppertop (Smith’s)
7. Energizer Max (Smith’s)
8. Enercell Alkaline (Radio Shack)