Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another resized shirt!

Many years ago when I had a job (you know, one not at home), I helped out with a conference for LDS Employment in Las Vegas.  Some of us were given In-N-Out shirts for being there.  Mine was huge.  I've used it for exercise and for something that fits while pregnant.

Since I've been resizing shirts lately, I thought I'd resize this one after a Shade shirt that I have.  Not that I plan on wearing Shade shirts very much, and not that I plan on wearing an In-N-Out shirt anywhere (especially because there's a big controversy at my husband's office as to whether In-N-Out or 5 Guys is better.  I'm thinking 5 Guys, but I haven't been to In-N-Out for a really, really long time). 

I cut this one a little bigger than my Shade shirt, and it's still a little tight in the chest -- tighter than I like, but luckily I'll only be exercising in it!

Now I can start shrinking shirts that I actually like -- like my BYU shirt.

1 comment:

  1. Very cute. I haven't been to either place. But I am curious about 5 guys. Any suggestions for a first timer?