Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Costumes

I know I already made my daughter an Alice costume, but looks like we're going with Popeye, Olive Oyl, and Sweet Pea instead.

I used this idea for the Olive Oyl collar:  The ribbon stuff I used on the sleeves would have been too stiff for a collar. I originally bought it for the collar, forgetting I needed ruffles on the sleeves, too, so it actually worked out.  Here's a gross tidbit: the knit fabric I used for the collar was from the sides of the In-N-Out shirt I took in.  Ok, that's not so bad, but I really don't think I washed the shirt before I took it in; therefore, the collar was the sides of my sweaty workout shirt!!!!!  I haven't told anyone that . . . yet!

She noticed on the movie cover that Olive Oyl had red earrings; hence, non-matching buttons on thread around her ears.

She also wanted black hair, so we splurged on $5 black hair spray, which, I might add, put a nice black ring around the bathtub when we washed her hair out!

I learned how to make the sailor collar here:  It turned out a little shorter in front than I expected, but I was able to still get it to work without re-making the front of the shirt.  I think I can do a better job next time.

I can't remember where I read to get some stockings and stuff them for Popeye arms.  I found some microfiber (I think) knee-highs that I cut the toes off of.  I wrapped quilt batting around his arms, then put the socks over and tucked the ends under.

I used a $1 sale baby costume pattern for the red Sweet Pea outfit and snagged the collar off of a 30+ year old sailor dress of mine (it was so conveniently buttoned on).  I wanted to make a new collar for the baby, but I think I've run out of steam.  I like the red suit because we can use it for Christmas, too!

Made a new hat!  I think I feel a tutorial coming on!


  1. Wow!Wow!Wow! I loved the cartoons and that movie as a kid. You did an excellent job. Thanks for posting.

  2. Super cute, Emily! You are very talented. The kids look adorable!

  3. Again, I am super impressed! The costumes looks amazing. I love your little boy's facial expressions just like Popeye! So cute. :) It was so fun to see you today!