Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wood Floor Cleaner

I've heard you can make your own hardwood floor cleaner.  I hope it's true because I just made some and tried it.  I found that you can mix 1/2 C white vinegar with a gallon of water.  I broke that down to 1 T white vinegar with 2 C water.    I read somewhere else that you can mix 1/4 C vinegar to 30 oz water.  That breaks down to approximately 2 T vinegar with 2 C water.  I thought I'd try the lesser amount of vinegar, though, this time.  It seemed to work very well.  I just sprayed the cleaner on the floor and wiped it off with an old terry-cloth towel.

I also read somewhere that you can make your own hardwood floor polish from 1/2 C vegetable oil with 1/2 C white vinegar.  I want to research it just a little more, though, because I'm a little worried about putting that much vinegar on the floor!

 *** Apparently you're not supposed to use vinegar or oil soaps on Bruce hardwood flooring, which this is because it ruins the finish.  Oh well, guess I won't use it anymore.  I've probably already ruined the finish, though, by using my Murphy oil soap.  Guess it doesn't help having little kids either....

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  1. Vinegar and baking soda are nature's safe cleansers, love 'em!