Friday, June 8, 2012

Gored Skirt

I got yards and yards and yards of this fabric from my aunt.  Last year, I made my girls some patriotic dresses with it:

I never got around to making me something, though, until now.

As I searched for a "patriotic skirt" for ideas, I came across a "propaganda dress":

I searched for other 1940s dresses and found a cute wrap around dress:

I tried to make the dress over the last couple days by adjusting a pattern I had, but didn't have luck.  I gave up and took it apart and just made the skirt.

I've never found making a gored skirt quite so simple!  I didn't use a pattern, and I think it was easier.  I may have to make a tutorial. The skirt turned out longer than I wanted, and maybe too much width, but I'll work out the kinks.  I entered it into the Crafterhours skirt week contest.  Funny because the contest ends tonight and I made the skirt today.  I don't think it's that cute, but it's fun that the girls and I match.

Somehow I made the above skirt just a bit bigger than my liking.  I pulled out a couple panels and it fits much better!

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