Sunday, December 9, 2012

Eat Like a Pilgrim

I just found these pictures on our camera and wanted to share them for a future Thanksgiving activity!  We went to Eat Like a Pilgrim at Thanksgiving Point in November.  It was a bit pricey, but really fun!  It would be pretty easy to do an "Eat Like a Pilgrim" on your own.

We ate at long tables and sat on benches.  We used a knife and a spoon.  We draped our gigantic napkins over our shoulders.  We had corn mush, yam mush/pudding, salad with vinegar and oil in separate containers, sourdough bread with butter, apple cider (diluted) turkey, pork, and the choice of duck, eel, or clams.  We could also try hard tack (like thick saltines) and parched corn (corn nuts). The kosher salt was in a bowl to sprinkle on your food.

 There were people on the stage telling us how to eat and doing other fun things like going "hunting" to get more food for the party.  Before the dinner, there were games to play, and after, there was dancing.  

That is my eel.  It was very fishy.  Well, it was Uncle Mark's eel, he gave it to me when he'd had enough.  The duck was quite good, though.  I wouldn't touch the slimy clams! 

The "Indians" bid us farewell.

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