Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sergers Rock

My daughter keeps asking for skirts. Sometimes it's just easier to make them yourself, ya know?

This one was a women's XXL from Target, cut down:

This was a L shirt from Kohl's cut down for a 7 y.o. I might round out the bottom, but we'll see how we like it on.

Then, I bought this HUGE poncho shirt (it was marked a small, but it's more like a man's XXL in width). I found this AWESOME tutorial from It's Always Autumn on making a easy t-shirt and simple baseball/raglan shirt. I didn't want to mess with the cute neck on this one, so I just did the easy t.

I also took in a cute peasant top, but didn't take a pic. My old one is just a little tight in the bust since I'm nursing and fatter thank I'd like to be. I needed a bit more room.

These were my starting experiments with old t-shirts:

I also learned how to put in elastic with the serger!

This is so awesome. The options are endless. I should probably take a class.

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