Sunday, November 14, 2010

Circle Skirts

Double half circle skirt

Full circle skirt

I've also had some fun making circle and half-circle skirts for my daughter.  I was trying to get the skirt right for my "late Halloween costume" and thought I'd start small.

We have all this awesome Christmas fabric from my aunt who moved away, and I thought it would make cute Christmas skirts.

After I experimented with the first couple of skirts, I saw a link to this awesome formula from Made

If Made ever disappears, here are her further instructions:
Let me break it down a little more:
* Measure your waist
* Add two inches to that number. You need these extra two inches so the fabric has "give" and will actually "stretch" when it's sewn on to the elastic. It will create a very subtle gather to the skirt but will make it easier to get the skirt on and off. This will make more sense as you sew.
* Take your "waist + 2 inches" measurement and divide it by 6.28, and you have the radius!
* In Lucy's case....
Her waist is 19 inches, plus 2 inches = 21 inches divided by 6.28 = 3.3 inch radius.
Because I'm actually using a waistband and not elastic, I think I'll need to use hip rather than waist measurements (so it will fit over the hips).

I like cutting my circle using my folding technique as mentioned in my bonnet tutorial.  Bingo!  No pattern needed.

This really is so easy -- especially when you do a rolled hem with the machine.

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