Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Late Halloween Costume

For Christmas this year, my husband's work is having a 1920s themed party.  I thought, Great!  Now I can make a 1920s dress and use it for Halloween, too.  I bought fabric, a pattern, altered the pattern, made a skirt (you can see why). . .  and I ended up looking like a giant green grasshopper (I really should share a picture.  It was really awful.  It looked like a 1980s bridesmaid dress).

So, I gave up on the idea for Halloween, went back to the fabric store, used a smaller pattern size, designed a new skirt and this is the result.
I wish I would have made the bodice 1 - 2" longer, but too late now.

The skirt is slightly boring, but I'm too afraid to make the front shorter than the back.

Past Patterns #503
I'm also not sure how I like my two tiers, and I think it looks too long in the pictures (or maybe I'm just too short).  Maybe I can shorten the longer skirt.  Luckily I can bunch the short tier up into what looks like a belt.  My, my.  How versatile.

More inspiration:

Can't remember where I got this image!

Past Patterns Ladies' Evening Dress
I was afraid my fabric would be horribly slippery.  In fact, the lady at the fabric store said I'd probably need to pin it every inch!  However, it was actually quite easy to sew on, and it is so thin I was able to do a rolled hem. I'm still trying to perfect my technique, but for a costume, I'm okay with it.  I'll probably embellish the scarf a little and add some ribbon to the bottom of the sleeves.


  1. I am so impressed, Emily! And with three children vying for your attention, too - congratulations! That's an accomplishment!
    I really like it with the belted look - so fun!

  2. I like the belted look best too. In the picture the dress looks darling. All you need now is a flat chest and long pearls that hang straight and some slinky shoes. Perhaps you can find some of those somewhere. Great job!