Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Body Is a Temple of God Primary Talk

OK, ok, so I know this isn't crafty at all, and I've posted stuff like this on my personal/family blog before, but then I realized, if someone wants an idea for an LDS Primary talk, why not share it?  I got all these ideas on line, so if you are searching, you'll probably run across them, too (I should have saved my sources, but didn't, sorry!).  My 8 y.o. son used this outline for his talk.

Cars - are different (show cars)
  • Fast/slow
  • Red, blue, gold, silver
  • Big/small
Temples - look different too (show pictures)
  • Small/big (Kirtland/Nauvoo)
  • White/gray (DC/SLC)
  • Taller/shorter
But - the work that goes on in temples is the same, like
  • Baptisms for the dead (show picture of font)
Temples also have the Spirit of God in them

Our bodies are like temples, too
  • Smaller/bigger
  • Lighter/darker
  • Faster/slower
  • But - we all have the Spirit of God, too
We can take care of both our physical bodies and our spiritual bodies
  • Physical
  1. Exercise
  2. Good hygiene (bathe, brush hair, trim nails, brush teeth)
  3. Be modest
  4. Eat healthy and obey the Word of Wisdom
  • Spiritual
  1. Exercise faith
  2. Keep thoughts clean by reading, watching, and listening to good things.
  3. Feed your Spirit through prayer and scripture study.
Spencer Kimball story
  • Age 9
  • Milked 2-9 cows/day
  • Boring
  • Make it good and fun
  • Squirt milk to cats
  • Memorized Articles of Faith, 10 Commandments, Hymns (sang to the cows)
President Kimball made his temple brighter by filling his mind with good things while he worked.  I hope we can all do the same.  And I say these things...

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