Monday, October 31, 2011

Mummy Costume

My son wanted to be a mummy for Halloween, and I found this great video on YouTube.

I thought it would be easier to start more from scratch, though.

I found a pattern for loose pants (actually from an Indian costume), used white flannel, tore strips of muslin, and sewed them on, but not to the top of the pant, just to the crotch.
 Then I sewed the legs together and the crotch seam.

Then I sewed strips all around the hips so that the front/rear seams would be covered.  Then I made a casing for the elastic and hemmed the pants.

I really wanted a white turtleneck, but couldn't find one anywhere!  Finally I just got one of my old long-sleeved white t-shirts, cut it up the back, took a couple inches out, then sewed it back up.  I also chopped the sleeves a little shorter.
 I sliced the arms open like this so it would be easy to sew on the strips of muslin.
I sewed the muslin strips all the way up to the arm-pit on both the arms and the body.  Then, I stitched the arms back up and sewed the remaining strips over the shoulder/neck area on by hand.

We just wrapped more strips around his head.  I'm sure it's a safety hazard.

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