Tuesday, April 30, 2013

No Sew (Baby) Poncho

Our baby LOVES fleece anything.  She was even at our neighbor's and wanted to snuggle a fleece robe!  Around Christmastime, I had this little fleece scrap and decided it would be really easy to slit a hole in the middle of it to turn it into a poncho for her to wear.  Sometimes it's so hard to put a jacket on a baby, but a poncho is easy!  I also found it wonderful to put on her when we're out in the stroller because it doesn't fall off like a regular blanket!  Now this may be considered a strangulation hazard, but I am always around her and she can take it off when it bugs her.  What's funny is she has one poncho out of this fabric and also one mini-blanket.  She's always trying to put the blanket on like her poncho!  I should probably just cut a hole it it, too!

After a few tries, I found I like a circle in the middle of the fabric, rather than a slit.  When I cut it, I quartered the fabric, cut a curve to create a hole a little bigger than her neck, then cut a slit down in front to provide enough room for her head to fit through. 

As for size, with the fabric folded in half, if you place a sweatshirt over it and make your fabric the width and height of the sweatshirt, and then cut your fringe, it's just right.

The kids also had some fleece blankets that we put holes in so they could have ponchos, too.  Now they can sleep with them, or wear them!  (But I wouldn't recommend sleeping in them).

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