Friday, April 16, 2010

Diaper Bags & Tutorials

Here are some diaper bags I made a few months ago. After making so many, this is the one I liked the best. Plus, I have to keep this one for myself because I actually paid for the outer fabric (with my 40% off coupon, of course).

I designed this one just for Church, but now I want to use it other places, too. One outer pocket is for church papers, we can put a folder in it to keep things flat, then there are 3 water bottle holders on the other outer side. Inside is a large elastic-top pocket for diapers and wipes and then 3 more pockets for toys/crayons. How fantastic!

Don't worry -- I sewed the handles in very well considering this thing will be carrying 3 water bottles and a ton of other stuff. It's also washable -- I prewashed the fabric and the plastic canvas is easily removable (see below).

One pattern (the first I made, the Sew Christine one below) suggested putting plastic canvas in the bottom, so I tried that and it stiffens up the bottom very nicely.

I was quite clever in my inner pockets because the 2 side pockets and bottom pocket thing for the plastic canvas is one piece! It took some thinking, but I figured it out. I don't know that I'd do it again this way, but I had to do it to see if I could. Next time I'll probably just do the side pockets individually and the the canvas piece will get its own cover (then it can just be dropped in).

Maybe, just maybe, I'm done with bags for now (because I'm out of batting/heavy interfacing), and I'll get back to my unfinished Pioneer dresses (yes, there's a pink one and a purple one coming). Now you pregnant buddies know what you'll be getting for gifts, don't you? No, not Pioneer dresses...

. . .

I must have had sewing withdrawals through December... (I've done all these bags in the last 3 or 4 days.)

This is the first one. Very easy and cute. A little small. I used batting inside. I liked the handles on this one because you don't need to use interfacing. Also the inner pockets are nice because you just fold the fabric in on itself to finish them. (Two hours? Three?)

Then the second. I saved my favorite material for "last," but I don't think I like the single strap as much. I also left off the flap. The back is a large pocket. I used heavy interfacing inside. The elastic inner pockets are super cute. Definitely more complex. (Five hours?)
Here's another gal who made this one:

This the last one I just completed like 15 minutes ago. Very nice. My grandma would be proud (she loved bright colors). I did both kinds of pockets on the inside just to see how they compare. The outer back is just polka-dots. (4 hours.)

Also in the process, I made a mini one for my daughter (1-2 hours) (similar to the third).

Here are 2 more tutorials:

I have to thank Aunt Miriam for ALL the fabric. This is GREAT bag fabric! I had the interfacing, batting, and buttons on hand.

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