Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If you're bored, it's your own fault

Warning: This is the longest post I have EVER written, but it deserves every bit.

(And... sorry, in my preview my pictures looked FINE, but after I published they got gigantic. I'll work on that when it's not 11:21 p.m.)

I went to an amazing trunk show today. My aunt has been quilting since I was at least in junior high. She has done some truly fantastic things. She is ALWAYS quilting.

As we walked up to her house we were greeted with some very eclectic things (I wish I was a better writer. Not only did I not start out a great writer, but I have mommy brain. The pictures will have to explain.)

When we stepped into the house, it was a photographer's dream. My cousin, Michael, helped put it all together. He does an amazing job. I wish I had a nice camera and a class to know how to use it. Here's my best.

Not all these display quilts are ones Miriam has made, some were given to her and some are my cousin's.

Then she started talking. Now, I'm not a quilter, but I am a historian (well, I have a minor in history, anyway -- does that count?), so when my aunt started talking about family, I stopped taking pictures and started recording. I videoed a little at the beginning, but knew neither my batteries nor card would last. Here's the beginning.

[I will insert the video here when I can get it to work!!]

I then switched to audio. You can listen while you look at the pictures (my mom took most of these), if you want. It's actually 3 audio files pasted together, so there may be some funny breaks in there. (It's about 45 minutes long, so you may want to do some, uh, quilting while you listen.)

OK, my player won't work, but if you want to listen to the audio: https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B_6opLMNWku4MDA0ZTEzNTgtMjJiNS00NDI3LWFiZTMtZmM3NmE1MmI1ZDkw&sort=name&layout=list&num=50

Miriam said that her mother (my grandma) would tell her, "If you're bored, it's your own fault." I started using that one on my kids after we got home. They were not amused. Miriam had originally been a crocheter, but switched to quilting in probably the early 1990s.

We thought this seemed to be a small pile that she was going to show us, but there were three more stacks in the back! I don't have photos of all the quilts, but a lot of them.

I believe it was this quilt that Miriam said that she was sad that she didn't buy more of some of the fabric. Michael told her, "Well, just buy all the fabric you see, and you won't have that problem!" (or something like that). My uncle then commented, "And that is what she has done ever since." I know that has to be at lest somewhat true because Miriam gave me BAGS of fabric a few years ago.

The camera tweaked the color on this one. The background is really black.

This one is my favorite because it is a piece of family history. It is Miriam's reproduction of my great-something grandmother's block (Margaret Condie Sharp) from the 20th ward friendship quilt now located at the DUP museum in SLC.

The Insanity Quilt

Another of my favorites!

The original quilt.

Miriam's reproduction.

Quilt of a papyrus my grandfather brought back from Egypt in the 1930s.

My uncle says this one should be called "Almost Daisies," but Miriam won't go for it.

Miriam made one of these quilts when I was in junior high. I remember taking labels off of my clothing to give to her. I also remember receiving some really nice name-brand clothing from bags people had donated to her so she could remove the labels. Back then, Girbaud jeans were very popular and in one of those bags was a green corduroy pair. I got them, but forgot about them until they were almost too small! I was able to wear them some, but oh! my chance in my life to wear something with a label!

And . . . all the quilts.


  1. Great job, Em! But, did we only parts of so many quilts?

  2. Okay, so I can't type. Did we only get parts of so many quilts?

  3. Hello Emily! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. Wow! Your aunt is some lady. What a huge amount of inspiration.

  4. That is totally amazing! She has some serious talent and I think that I'm going to have to use that line on my kids too...

  5. You're right, it's amazing stuff. Now if I can just finish all the stuff I've started. My best to your aunt!